Glute Activation with Wards Gym Coach Leasa Ward

10 Glute Activation Exercises

Coach Leasa from Wards Gym in Richmond:

“Hi guys, today I’m going to talk to you about glute activation. The reason why we activate our glutes is to protect our spine, and to strengthen our midline and our posterior chain.

So I’ve come up with ten exercises that you can do using our trusty bands that we have here at Wards Gym.

Lateral side raise. Step into to a lateral position. From here I’m just going to do a nice, slow same time out, same time in pulse. Once I’ve done my ten reps just step over my band, and I’m going to do a little bit more of a kickback.

I’m then going to hold the pole, keep that tension on my standing leg still bent, my back leg’s bent and from here I’m just going to do a slight little kick out to the back, just enough tension control all the way out.

I’m then going to turn my foot lateral. I’m then going to do a little kick back from this position, same deal, trying to keep it super duper isolated.

From there we’re going to do some banded travels across the room. Trying to keep the tension on that band the entire time. All the way over to the other side.

And then we’re going to do a front travel. So from here I’m going to step in and then out. And then I’m going to do the same thing backwards. So as I step back, completely isolating the glutes.

All right, my next exercise is going to be on the floor, on all fours. I’ve got my band hooked underneath my thumbs.

From here I’m going to kick back with that tension on the band to a straight leg position and I’ll go all the way to ten reps and then swap sides.

My next ones going to be a banded set up. Stepping underneath, same deal, that band sits up on your traps. The banded foot is the one that’s going to be on the box.

I’m going to stand up and as I stand up I’m going to really use my glutes to finish that movement off. Once I get to my ten reps I’ll swap over.

All right, last exercise. I’m going to be in that same travel position. So going to step in, use that panel as a bit of a guide so we’re right about shoulder distance is a good guide.”

Stepping in underneath, pull that band to the side, from there I’m just loading through my glutes. Think about the eccentric phase, so really slowing down the way down, really snapping on the way up.