Deadlift Progressions to build a stronger back

Wards Gym Coach Jenni Cook demonstrates our preferred progressions to build your deadlift.
If your looking to build your hamstrings, glutes and lower back all in one movement this exercise will be the best additive to your new training program. Two common faults we see are rolling the back and not bending the knees enough.
To fix these we do two things we start by lowering the KB weight back to an easier weight they can handle. Then we have the athlete lift from their chest while sticking their hips back to stand the KB up. Once they have the KB’s off the ground we keep the chest up and push the hips back till the KB’s are inline with their knees before having them bend their knees maintain a upright body position.
Another option you can try is a Sumo Deadlift with one KB if this is too hard and you can’t fix your rounding. The wider foot position will allow you to maintain a strong back position.