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High Intensity Training

HIT Training

New Express 30 Minute HIT Sessions

You asked for it so here it is! 30 minute express High Intensity Training sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm. Come down get a great workout in, shower and be back at work inside of your lunch break. 

Reach out to Gavin Ward for any questions and to enquire.


If CrossFit is the sledgehammer of the fitness world, High Intensity Training is the scalpel. Both have their places in your fitness arsenal.

HIT training at Ward’s Gym forgoes the weightlifting and technical gymnastics components of CrossFit and focuses heavily on the fat burning, lean muscle building, high-intensity circuits that CrossFit is known for. The focus is on body weight movements and lighter weights with higher repetitions to condition your heart for maximum efficiency.

Our staff are all high-level athletes but we have not forgotten what starting out was like. We know how daunting a 40 calorie burn on the Assault Bike can be, or learning to nail the proper technique for a kettlebell swing. We specialise in teaching you the right movements and mechanics, before encouraging you to push yourself beyond previous limits.

Our HIT classes are our most popular session, so know that you will be working with a team that actively wants to see you develop and become a healthier you.



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