Pistol Squat Progressions

Pistol Squat Progressions with Wards Gym Coach Jess New.

Single leg assisted squats.

-Start with a low box and slide your foot down the box stopping at a comfortable depth, use your toe to dig into the box to help you stand up out of the squat.

Full depth single leg assisted squats

-Use a box height that you can’t touch the floor with and then repeat past parallel.

Single leg squats with free hanging leg

-Go back to a low box and now stand on the side of the box so one leg can freely hang.

This will test your balance but still allow you to do a simpler pistol squat.

Skater squats

-This is the last step to nailing pistol squats and also a great substitute for pistols if you want to avoid knee pain.

Start kneeling beside your foot with your toes pointed, press with your flat foot keeping your heel tucked towards your hamstring with the opposite foot.

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