Be a Warrior this Summer

This undertaking isn’t for the light hearted, it’s a competition unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. This isn’t a weight loss challenge, we don’t care about how much weight you can lose. This isn’t about how many calories you can restrict yourself from eating for 6 weeks only to yoyo back to your original weight the minute you stop. You’re signing up to compete across three very different categories: Community, Transformation and Performance for the chance to be crowned our first ever Summer Warrior and share in a huge cash prize pool.
Yes you may not be the fittest person to enter but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the hardest worker in the room. Community will encompass not only your attendance across the 6 weeks but your involvement within our community. Who can motivate others the best in leading by example, who picks others up when they’re down, who brings out the best in others. The people’s Champ!
You may not have much weight to lose and therefore believe your transformation will not be as noticeable as the next. But as we said before we don’t care about your weight loss, we’re judging on more than purely aesthetics. For Transformation we are looking at both extrinsic and intrinsic changes. The weak minded, sloppy body that walks in on day 1 will not be the person staring back at you in the mirror on day 42. We will help you create the body of a Warrior by putting in the work daily in the gym, steeling your body as well as your mind and in doing so develop a Warrior’s mindset.

Finally it wouldn’t be a competition without testing your abilities. For Performance you will undergo a series of physical tests across a broad range of categories to determine your baseline. At the end of the 42 days you will be retested to see your improvements in overall performance personally and compared with that of the other Warriors.

At the end of the day this competition is just you versus you (with a little healthy competition thrown in to keep you on your toes). You will improve your attitude towards life and how you approach it. You will build strength, strength of character, strength of mind and strength of body. You will out perform any and all previous versions of yourself. After 42 days you will have a Warrior’s body and a Warrior’s mindset.

Do you have what it takes to be crowned our first ever Summer Warrior Champion and take home a slice of the huge cash prize?

Summer Warrior Starts 22nd January

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