Would you use any or all of these words to describe yourself?

We believe all women are amazing in their own way

and because of this we wanted to showcase them to you.

These are the Women of Wards Gym

It’s not just physical. There’s a big mental aspect to it, you can have all the muscle in the world and still get your ass handed to you. Just because they have more muscle than me, more weight than me, or they’re taller than me, doesn’t mean they can just throw me around. When I go up against someone who’s bigger than me or heavier than me, I can still win it. I’m able to use my strength more effectively to get the outcome I want. I’ll get into a position that I know I’m safe and then once they’re done trying to muscle through something, once they’re tired, then it’s on my terms. Even though I’m a girl and smaller then all of them. I can still win. That’s really satisfying. That’s what makes me feel strong. – Lucy

Strong isn’t given, it’s earned through hard work, determination and drive. We are all strong but it’s how strong we become that defines us. If you know Steph (stoof), then you know she’s the definition of strong. We love her and everything she stands for.

Strong body, Strong Mind. Working out at the gym and building your physique has a huge positive effect on your life. Once you become stronger in the gym you’ll find yourself with the strength outside the gym to tackle life’s obstacles with more confidence. Emily is one of many strong women that we’re lucky enough to have train at Wards Gym.
Not only is she fit and strong, she could kick your butt! ⁣ ⁣ Meet Hope. One of our awesome members who started with us on an 28 Day Challenge and now a year later is a Jiu Jitsu weapon. ⁣ ⁣ Hope and her husband Nic both train Jiu Jitsu at Wards Gym. Often battling it out on the mat over who has to cook dinner haha. ⁣ ⁣ We’re proud of her progress both physically and mentally through her consistent effort in both our HIT and Jiu Jitsu programs. ⁣Keep it up mate 🤙🏼⁣
Meet Elise one of our Super Mums. She trains in our Mums and Bubs program here at Wards Gym.
Meet Anna Pearson and Emily Moloney. Wards Gym Boxing Superstars.
What makes you feel strong is unique to everyone. ⁣ ⁣How you choose to treat each day is up to you and you alone. We can either let the weight of circumstances we’ve dealt determine our outcome or we can choose to make a stand and fight back against our struggles and release the inner strength that we all have.⁣ ⁣
What makes you feel strong? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣