Simon (38) is rebuilding his life. A former addict Simon used fitness as a way of getting back on track and after seeing a Ring Muscle-Up on his first day in the Gym, set an ambitious goal of achieving one. This is a film about setting goals, asking for help and understanding the past in order to change the future. You’re an inspiration Simo and we have loved watching you evolve into the beautiful man you are today.

💥Awesome human warning💥

Nick has not only lost 15kg’s in his time with us but he has also gained a community of peers that are supportive of his goals and we think that’s pretty bloody awesome! If you want to be like Nick and Kickstart your training then don’t wait! We’re here to help you discover your true potential.

Not only is she fit and strong, she could kick your butt! Meet Hope. One of our awesome members who started with us on an 28 Day Challenge and now a year later is a Jiu Jitsu weapon. ⁣Hope and her husband Nic both train Jiu Jitsu at Wards Gym. Often battling it out on the mat over who has to cook dinner haha. ⁣We’re proud of her progress both physically and mentally through her consistent effort in both our HIT and Jiu Jitsu programs. ⁣
⁣Keep it up mate 🤙🏼⁣

Lach joined Wards Gym in Richmond late last year through the 28 Day Challenge. During the challenge he lost 3kg of scale weight and over 10cm off his waist. In the months since then he has continued his fitness journey with Wards Gym and lost more than 17kg. Well done mate. Keep it up!

“My biggest take away from this challenge was understanding what my body is capable of and what my diet should be. This challenge has given me a great playbook for the year ahead in shaping my body the way I want it. I have never felt or trained better. Can’t wait to do it all again.”

– Liam

“I highly recommend Wards 8 Week Challenge. It pushes you and the results are real! You’re never alone, the group makes you constantly accountable. It is a community amongst the already amazing community that is Wards Gym.”

– Jess

“Signing up for the 8 Week Challenge was a great experience. The team Wards (Coaches and other members) made it easy to smash my goals by providing support and a map to develop maintainable habits that i can continue after the challenge has finished.”

– Nic

“Setting goals at the start of the challenge and mini goals throughout the challenge and sharing those with the group really kept me accountable. We were all cheering each other on and celebrating our wins – awesome team environment!”

– Nicole

“There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and achieving it. The Ward’s 8 week challenge provided the perfect support network to help me reset my focus and kick some serious goals.”

– Dee

“The challenge for me was more about breaking bad habits and making good new ones, and while some of the new ones are still a work in progress I’m happy to say that the bad snacking at work and the mid week wines have been kicked well and truly! The 4kg loss was truly an added bonus and I can’t wait to keep moving forward, the positivity and support that comes not just from the people doing the challenge with you but everyone else at Wards is the most valuable thing you’ll get out of this!”

– Morgan

“I used to get anxiety going to the gym and would make any excuse not to go. Wards Gym has given me a different experience and that’s all thanks to the social nature, how motivating the trainers are and the positive vibes there!

Everyone is always so supportive, encouraging and pushes me to go beyond my limits! If it wasn’t for Ward’s epic daily sweat sessions, motivating trainers and the other supportive members, I wouldn’t have managed to get as fit as I am today!”

– Kat

“10 weeks ago I was bullied into joining Wards Gym by my friends. The first session was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Unfit and very overweight it felt like it nearly killed me.

10 weeks on I feel better than I can remember and love coming down and ruining myself every morning.”

   – Tom

“Wards Gym has made me the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been!

the coaches at Wards are amazing! They are professional, encouraging, make sure you are training right and safely, but are also so much fun and the best people that make you want to come to the gym!”

– Emily

“I do the Mums & Bubs program at Wards Gym in Richmond. Wards feels like a family. It’s just got a completely different feel to going to a gym class. Mums & Bubs is 45 minutes to focus on you while the kids are getting looked after. You have a trainer who understands us and makes you feel incredibly comfortable. When I started, I hadn’t exercised for ages.

I think joining Wards was fantastic, because they not only explain the program, but offer various alternative exercises you can do, so you can take it as easy or push as hard as you want. Cal is fantastic. He looks after the kids, takes good care of them and they get to socialize. My goal is to continue to build strength, and for my next pregnancy, I plan to train right through. Mums & Bubs changed everything. I feel happier, healthier, stronger, fitter. It has been the best thing I’ve ever done.”

– Elise

“A friend strongly recommended doing CrossFit at Wards. I was hesitant because of the cost ($60/month sounds better than $60/week). I decided to try it out for a month and in that time I quit smoking and started dropping fat and putting on muscle.

I have gotten into incredible shape and all I have had to do is show up. I don’t have to think or plan workouts or watch youtube videos to learn form etc, nor train on my own with AirPods distracting me from the boredom.

I’ve found it easy to show up because the community is so strong. I honestly look forward to seeing the guys and girls who I now call my good friends. The trainers have taken a lot of time with me and they do this whenever I ask for help.

I can’t recommend Wards Gym highly enough.”

– Simon